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over the last seven years, i have imported several miniature horses through Shortview.

all horses have always arrived in good health, wormed and feet trimmed.

they have travelled in shared containers or individual wooden crates.

Body condition always good.

Message to all those who complain : have you ever wondered what state your horse was in when it arrived at Shortview, sometimes after a few days travelling on the road ????

I remember having bought many years ago an appaloosa stallion that i left at stud in Wyoming.

When the horse arrived at Shortview, it had a completely misformed back hoof and was walking on the outside wall of that foot .

Farm in Wyoming billed me for VERY regular hoof care !!!!!

Since then , he has had to be fitted with a resin sole to be able to walk nearly normally.

that stud in Wyoming had sent me a pretty picture of forehand of my stallion, leaving their farm, with a blanket on..........

Shortview always sends me a picture of my horse on arrival at her stables, and one when they leave her facilities.

And never have i had to complain about their condition on arrival, on the contrary !!

Reason of review: Good customer service.

I liked: Good service, Regular contact, Horses well cared for, Regular pictures, Paperwork taken care of.

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